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Aberdeen Heritage Lectures

Several Dates

Aberdeen City Heritage Trust is pleased to present its inaugural series of Heritage
Lectures in association with the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the
Built Environment.
Repair and redevelopment of traditionally constructed buildings can present
challenging issues. Understanding their architectural significance, complexity and
technology is essential for developing well-considered projects.
Aberdeen Heritage Lectures provide an excellent opportunity to consolidate and
develop a greater understanding of traditionally constructed buildings and repair
techniques for those who have the on-going challenge of funding, commissioning,
assessing, designing and managing historic buildings and places. They will be of
interest to building professionals, professional agents, property owners, planners
and anyone with an interest in historic buildings.

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Care and Conservation of Decorative Plaster Ceilings

25 March 2019

Join the London Branch for an evening of talks on the survey and preservation of historic plaster ceilings.

It will start with a presentation by  Richard Ireland on the stylistic development of plaster ceilings together with an overview of their investigation, defects and repair. This will be followed by Kevin Clark from the heritage team at  Conisbee Consulting Engineers who will talk about some of their recent work accessing, inspecting and appraising the structure that supports such ceilings, often in highly challenging conditions.

Richard Ireland is the UK’s leading conservator of historic plaster and paint. He operates principally as an independent consultant and practitioner but also advises for public bodies. Richard’s projects typically involve a combination of archaeological investigation, scientific analysis, and contextual historic research. Conisbee is an award winning civil and structural engineering design practice with offices in London, Norwich and Cambridge with a specialism in heritage engineering and CARE registered engineers. Together, these two talks will provide us with an understanding of the methodologies applied to care for these important architectural features.

The talks will be followed by a Q&A and the opportunity to network around a glass of wine afterwards.

COST – £5 (including Eventbrite booking fee)
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26 March 2019

The architecture of John Winter (b. Norwich, 1930; d. London, 2012) has often been described as straightforward, sensible or simple. It is the result of what he learnt while working for Ernö Goldfinger: always to go “far beyond of what is reasonable,” to look always for a better solution. In fact, his “unusual amount of moral certainty about architecture” and his commitment to modernity meant that, around the late seventies, Sir Richard MacCormac pictured him as “the most unfashionable architect in London”.

He started working for the Arts & Craft architect Theo Scott. Then, he enrolled to pursue a Diploma at the Architectural Association where he was a contemporary of Denise Scott-Brown and Adrian Gale, and, after doing his national service, he went to Yale, where he studied under the tutelage of Louis Kahn. He worked for Ernö Goldfinger, SOM and the Eameses before establishing his own practice in London, where he went back to teach at the AA. Martin Haxworth, Stuart Mosscrop, Michael Gold and Nicholas Grimshaw were among his students.

Jonathan Ellis-Miller, who worked for John Winter & Associates from 1986 to 1992, will reflect on the architect’s work as well as his understanding of Modernity, by reference to a selection of his works and drawings.

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10 April 2019


From 10:00 – 4pm


Neil Langhorn. Head of Compulsory Purchase Order Policy Unit, Scottish Government

Malcolm Cowie, Community Empowerment Policy Manager, (Asset Transfer)Scottish Government

Philip Prentice, Chief Officer, Scotland’s Towns Partnership

James Turner Heritage Environment Scotland ( Designation of  Listed Buildings) Edinburgh.


Colin Gray Community Right to Buy ( incl Abandoned Detrimental & Neglected Land & Buildings)

David Henderson, Advisor, Community Ownership Support Services which helps small development  trusts.

Una Richards Chief Executive Scottish Historic Buildings Trust


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Why Archives Matter: Heritage, Memory and Identity

17 April 2019

Archives are the documented memory of the nation. They tell our stories and help us understand who we are as individuals and as a nation. They underpin every aspect of education, science, health, culture, law and the historic environment. Archives inform the future by helping us to learn from the past.

Why Archives Matter: Heritage, Memory and Identity is the second in a series of events organised by the Scottish Council on Archives to promote greater awareness of the importance and usefulness of archives to many different sectors including education; healthcare; architecture; cultural heritage, both local and national; archaeology, academia; and genealogical research. The conference will feature presentations from academics, historians, archivists, architects and representatives of community archive groups.

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