Conference Stained Glass Dealing with Environmental Deterioration

27 March 2019

Environmental deterioration is arguably the most serious risk facing stained glass
windows. Historic England is hosting a one-day conference to look at its causes and its treatment. This will present the results of our research project looking at the design and efficacy of “environmental protective glazing” (ventilated secondary glazing), and will launch the consultation on our forthcoming Guidance Note (Stained Glass: Dealing with Environmental Deterioration).

Speakers including Tobit Curteis, Leonie Seliger, Steve Clare, Andrew Arrol,
Chris Wood, Giles Proctor, and Robyn Pender will be discussing all aspects of the
protection of stained glass endangered by environmental deterioration: practical
conservation and research, case studies, and planning issues.

An unmissable event for everyone interested in ecclesiastical buildings; for all
building conservation advisors, funders, architects and surveyors; and for all owners
and custodians of fragile stained glass or other decorative glazing.

Download the flyer with info on bookings  here