ASCHB Talk: Colouring London

12 March 2019
The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

Since the 1990s a major shift has occurred within the European construction industry, driven by energy legislation; from a focus on new build, to a growing interest in adaptation and reuse. At the same time, demand for data on building lifespans, and on the age and evolution of urban stocks, to improve accuracy in energy and waste flow prediction, is increasing.

However information on the UK building stock is highly fragmented and difficult to access. Colouring London is a new open mapping platform developed by UCL, with OS, the GLA and Historic England, that looks to demonstrate how the vast body of knowledge, held within building conservation, community-led planning and historical research can be harnessed and visualised, to provide crucial, free data needed to support sustainable development in the UK, and to promote reuse of older stock.

Polly Hudson is a doctoral researcher at UCL where she studies spatial patterns of demolition, and directs the Colouring London initiative. Her previous design work includes The Building of Bath Museum (1992), The Building Exploratory. Hackney (1995-2001) and the ‘Almost Lost’ exhibition for English Heritage, Wellington Arch (2013). Between 1993 and 1995 she worked, with a team of thirty craftsmen and craftswomen, as site manager for the restoration contract at Prior Park Mansion in Bath (Grade 1 listed).
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