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BE Networking – Restoring & Regenerating Historic Buildings

9 March - 09:45 - 11:30


This event will delve into the restoration of are re-purposing of historic buildings across the UK – highlight future projects, best practice and funding opportunities.

Historic buildings are unique. From their design and architecture to the historic and culture they possess – they add character to towns and cities, but many are at risk of being lost. At this online conference we’ll hear from multiple speakers who’re passionate about restoring historic buildings and regenerating those which are in desperate need of repair.

We’ll explore the most exciting projects in the UK – from large scale restorations, to the regeneration of heritage buildings into new homes and employment hubs, ensuring we don’t lose unique and historical assets.

Speakers will share their knowledge of working on such buildings, detailing the challenges they encounter and the opportunities which they find these schemes present, whilst they’ll also reveal inside information on future development projects in their pipeline.

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