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SW Branch – VIRTUAL – Damp, Masonry Decay, and Sustainability Conference: Day 1

19 November 2020 - 14:00 - 15:45


Moisture is a key factor in almost all forms of decay, and damp fabric increases heat loss. However, identifying its source can be complicated as moisture is so mobile. It can condense from humid air onto cold surfaces and it can spread through a structure by capillary action and gravity. Understanding these mechanisms and their consequences is vital, particularly now that we are increasing insulation levels in historic buildings and restricting ventilation. Getting it wrong can be disastrous.

Speakers include leading conservation specialists Marianne Suhr and Tim Floyd; Robyn Pender, Alison Henry and others from Historic England; Roger Curtis from Historic Environment Scotland and Bath Abbey project architect Alex Morris.

Papers will include:
• Latest research from Historic England
• Planning for climate change and the need for increased resilience
• The science of moisture movement and the misdiagnosis of damp
• Best practice for damp survey and investigation.
• Role of lime mortars in keeping building fabric dry
• Risk of moisture accumulation owing to insulation and solid floors

This is the first of two events organised by the IHBC South West branch and Historic England. The second, to be held in March 2021, will focus on timber structures.

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