San Gemini Preservation Studies

27 May – 2 August 2019
San Gemini, Italy

San Gemini Preservation Studies is a series of courses,field projects and tours aimed at fostering the preservation of cultural heritage. The program offers students both theoretical knowledge in the classroom and hands-on skills participating in field projects and workshops.

Courses offered:

• Restoration of Traditional Masonry Buildings in Italy
• Analyzing and Sketching Historic Buildings
• Analysis and Restoration of Archaeological Ceramics
• History, Craft and Conservation of Book Bindings
• Preservation Theory and Practice in Italy
• Traditional Materials, Methods of Painting and Restoration Issues
• Paper Media and Restoration Methods and Workshop
• Preservation Tour: Siena, Florence and Rome

Ongoing Field Projects:
• Restoration of the Church of San Carlo (13th century)
• Archaeological Survey of the Roman Public Baths in Carsulae
• Analysis of Medieval Buildings in San Gemini
• Restoration and Conservation of artifacts from the Office of Cultural Heritage for the Abruzzo Region
• Restoration of the Historic Archives of the Dioceses of Terni

Contact: Polly Withers, AdmissionsInternational Institute for Restoration and Preservation US Tel. 718-768-3508

Understanding Building Conservation

6 – 7 February 2019

With over 6 million traditional buildings and over 500,000 listed monuments in the UK, there is a considerable need for building professionals to understand the nature and practicalities of conservation.  For this reason, we have developed a course looking at conservation for both residential and commercial property as well as historic monuments.

In accordance with the ICOMOS (International Council On Monuments and Sites) Training and Education Guideline and the latest British Standard on conservation of historic buildings (BS 7913: 2013) the course will introduce the philosophy behind conservation before going into detail regarding the technical analysis of buildings, ensembles and sites, diagnosing issues, identifying the best building conservation solutions, working with the various  stakeholders, and ultimately providing advice regarding best practice.

At the end of the 2 days, you will be confident in your ability to apply practical skills towards building conservation, will feel much better informed in this field of practice, and will receive a certificate of attainment from the CIOB if you pass the end of course test. Moreover, those who pass the course will be eligible for further recognition under the new CIOB Building Conservation Certification Scheme. a short video on the course and certification can be found here.

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Project Management and Supervision: Historic and Traditional Buildings

31 January 2019

This 1-day course will cover the pertinent issues concerning historic and traditional buildings, and best practice for build quality strategies and processes. It will begin with the concept of project management and project supervision, including how these skills apply in the historic environment and how dealing with it is different. The course will then go through the various stages including project initiation, feasibility, development, delivery, completion and end with occupation of the building and its continued care. There will also be a focus on developing work proposals, significance analysis, and heritage impact assessments, including justifying them in a way that balances the full range of issues from historic importance to commercial and use considerations.

Work examples will cover educational, social housing, commercial development and high profile and prestigious conservation work in various crafts ranging from masonry to historic decoration.

At the end of the day, you will be confident in your ability to successfully deploy project management and supervision to historic and traditional buildings.

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AoU End of Year Review + Kevin Murray Talk 2018

11 December 2018

The Academy of Urbanism launches its bi-annual review event to review recent activities and find out what’s planned for the next six months.

The Review will be followed by a special talk by outgoing AoU Director Kevin Murray. Join us for the Review, the talk by Kevin Murray or both of these events.

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Inclusion, Diversity and Urban Design

12 December 2018

Built Environment professionals are often committed to the ‘public good’ in their training and practice. There is an underlying assumption that matters of social inclusion and diversity are somehow embedded sub-consciously in the way we plan, design, and manage public spaces.

However, in this event, the speakers argue that there still exists a mismatch between mainstreaming what we think and what we do when it comes to inclusive cities and inclusive public spaces. Exploring examples from the UK and Europe, the speakers aim to offer a range of practices, approaches and tools for urban designers at different urban scales to meaningfully engage with the subject of diversity and inclusion in urban design.

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